December 3, 2023


One research indicates that about 13% of people will suffer from a panic attack at some point in their lives. People aren’t able to predict when a panic attack will begin, but planning for what to do when it does can help them feel more in control as well as make it easier to manage. This article will discuss the tips to get through a panic attack. So, read it till the end.


Having a panic attack can be terrifying and overpowering, making the person who experiences it feel helpless and out of control. When people experience sudden, severe anxiety and physical symptoms, it’s natural for them to worry that they’re in a life-threatening situation. Panic attacks can cause a wide range of uncomfortable feelings and physical manifestations. Now, let’s explore the tips to get through a panic attack in the below section.

Tips to Deal with Panic Attack

Sudden and overwhelming feelings of panic are possible. Being prepared for a panic attack can help lessen its impact and ease its symptoms. Having a panic attack? Here are some tips to get through a panic attack below.

1. Recognize the Symptoms

Recognizing the symptoms as what theyโ€™reโ€”a panic attackโ€”is the first step in coping with them. Realizing that you’re experiencing a panic attack rather than a truly life-threatening situation can help reduce some of the anxiety and worry that comes along with having one.

2. Focus on your Breath

In some people, panic attacks are triggered by being in a busy place or under bright lights. When surrounded by such an environment, closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing can help. When you shut out the world, you can give your full attention to calming your mind and body.

3. Always keep your Favourite Scents with you

Some odors have been tested and found to have a calming effect on the brain and nervous system. Therefore, always keep a tiny vial of your signature scent wherever you go. If you’re having a panic attack, possibly breathing this scent will help you relax.

4. Find a Peaceful Location

Anxiety attacks are often made worse by environmental factors. Look for a peaceful area if you can. Leaving a noisy area or finding a place to lean against a wall are the best options. Taking some time to sit in a peaceful spot can clear your head, allowing you to better concentrate on breathing and other ways of coping.


5. Use Cue Cards

Write comforting statements like “You’re fine” and “This too shall pass” on cue cards. While your mind may be racing during a panic attack, these cue cards can serve as gentle reminders of your strength and assurance that the assault will pass.

6. Do Some Light Exercise

Taking a walk can take a person out of a tense situation and the steady beat of their footsteps can help them calm their breathing. Physical activity has been shown to reduce stress and elevate mood due to the production of endorphins. So, consistent exercise has been shown to lessen anxiety, which may in turn lower the frequency or intensity of panic attacks.

7. Tell Someone

If you experience panic attacks frequently in the same setting, such as your workplace or a social gathering, it may be beneficial to let someone know and discuss what type of assistance they might provide in the future. Telling someone can be helpful in the event of a public attack. They may be able to find a secluded area and keep others out.

8. Take the Necessary Medication

Medication for panic attacks may be prescribed by a doctor, depending on their severity. The majority of these drugs have an instant effect. People should take these medications exactly as prescribed by their doctors because of the risk of addiction. Some panic attacks can be avoided with the help of medicine, which your doctor may discuss.



In short, no one can say for sure when a panic attack will occur, but being prepared for it might make those who are affected feel less helpless. People who are experiencing a panic attack may benefit from finding a quiet place to themselves, as well as by practicing deep breathing and grounding exercises.

People can take preventative measures to lessen the frequency or severity of panic attacksย over time. Making healthier choices, engaging in counseling, and learning practical anxiety management techniques are all the best tips to cope with it.

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